NBC To Streaming the First Season of Constantine



It is tough when a show is on the proverbial bubble. More than that, it is tough to have a show on NBC. While Fox and the CW have been having some serious luck with comic book properties, NBC’s Constantine has been doing so well. In fact, there are rumors that the series may/may not see a second season. This will depend on how many of the new pilots NBC decides to pick up.

If you want to check the series out, NBC will begin streaming the entire first season of the series on their website for a limited time. Starting Friday, you will be able to check the series out. This could be a way of NBC trying to capitalize on the growing #SaveConstatine movement and using the net to hit that target audience.

Whether the series’ future depends on how many people stream the series (which I seriously doubt), it is a barometer to see if they get any movement on the show since it has been a while since the show finished its 13-episode run. If you have not checked it out, I recommend doing so. While it strays from the comic a bit, with this particular comic, you will kind of need to.




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