Jered Leto’s Joker Fully Revealed


There have been plenty of teaser images of Leto in Joker form and it was getting to the point of driving us all crazy. Director David Ayer has finally stopped toying with us all and released the first real image of Jered Leto in full makeup, seen above.

There’s a lot going on in this image to say the least. Leto keeps some iconic imagery from the character with his chalky skin tone, green hair and purple glove. However, new additions include tattoos as well as some seriously capped teeth. It safe to assume Joker may have gotten those kicked in more than a few times.

The tattoos are interesting in that some call out to iconic Joker images. The laughter, the stretched smile and the cards are all things that are associated with the character.

There has been quite the reaction on the internet about this images as well. The general consensus is that it’s not that great. I’ll reserve my opinion until I see the film because this kind of character can work if his performance is great. Keep in mind it’s smart for DC to move far enough away from Ledger’s Joker as possible for obvious reasons. We’ll all just have to see how this new Joker behaves in the upcoming Suicide Squad films.


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