Ouya Seeking a Buyer after Debt Issues


Remember the Ouya? The little Android-based console that could was the talk of the town for a while a few years back. We were told it was the affordable gaming console for everyone and was going to change the way we thought about gaming.

Well that didn’t happen, and the console flopped pretty hard. Granted it was a decent enough idea but due to its limitations (and the fact that it was just your phone with a controller on a TV) most passed it up for a more traditional gaming experience. Now the company behind the Ouya is looking for a buyer due to mounting debt issues, reports Fortune.

Fortune was able to obtain an email CEO Julie Uhrman sent to investors and advisors last month. “Given our debtholder’s timeline, the process will be quick. We are looking for expression of interest by the end of this month.”

The email continues, “Our focus now is trying to recover as much investor capital as possible…..We believe we’ve built something real and valuable. I continue to read the tweets and emails of our fans who play Ouya every day, and our catalog is now over 1,000 apps and 40,000 developers. We have the largest library of Android content for the TV (still more than Amazon)–hells ya!”


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