Mark Ruffalo agrees that the Lack of Black Widow Merch is BS


Black Widow is not amused

I’m sure you all have heard that Black Widow of the Avengers is getting the short stick when it comes to merchandise. Out of the 56 items on available only four of them even feature the female hero. While the need to say “female” hero may be silly, it’s the exact reason why we don’t see her that much on the shelves, and it’s an old song being resung.

Of course this is ridiculous. I could sit here and rant about how there are plenty of women comic book movies fans and even male fans that like the Black Widow character and alienating those fans isn’t fair. However you already know that don’t you? Why companies (not just Disney/Marvel) don’t understand this is the real question.

Mark Ruffalo, or Bruce Banner/the Hulk in the Avengers films, agrees that it’s not very fair to push the spy into the background.

I hope that most if not all of you agree with this. Is she part eye candy for boys and men watching the film? Of course she is and it would be ignorant to deny that. Is Thor the same bit of eye candy for girls and woman? He sure is.

Eye candy status aside, there are other more important reasons the character is so popular with fans. She’s a badass hero with an interesting backstory that can handle herself without super powers. And she can’t even get a damn mug or action figure here and there.


Source: The Mary Sue


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