Batgirl Included in Arkham Knight Season Pass


Maybe you’re bored with male heroes in video games. It would makes sense if you were since almost every comic book inspired game features a male super hero as the main character. If you are this person then the Season Pass for the upcoming Arkham Knight may be what you’re looking for.

WB Games has announced the details of the Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass and the first appearance of Batgirl in the series. Not only will you get the character to play as but she even comes with her own prequel story to work though.

The Season Pass offers plenty more to enjoy such as all new story missions featuring “legendary super-villains invading Gotham City.” Story missions for the other included playable characters will also be included. While the new Batmobile is pretty awesome, Season Pass owners will be able to drive a variety of different version of the vehicle spanning the 75 years of history of the Bat.

Pricing for the Season Pass has been set at $39.99 or included with the Premium Edition of the game for $99.99 (to be clear the Premium Edition includes the game and Season Pass combined.) The current release date is set for June 23, 2015 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Source: IGN


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