The Last of Us: Left Behind Will Be Available As Standalone Download



Shortly after The Last of Us dropped on the PlayStation 3, the new PlayStation 4 was released onto the market. Shortly after that, The Last of Us was remastered and released into the wild for consumers that wanted to play that game on the new consoles. However, their single-player DLC, Left Behind, may not have made their way onto people’s console due to the switch, but that is about to change.

Naughty Dog announced on the PlayStation Blog that the “Left Behind” story DLC will be available as a standalone for players on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 starting May 12th for only $9.99. They, also, announced that they will be dropping the “Left behind” Add-on on the PS3 to the same price on the same day.

If you are not familiar with the storyline for that DLC, here is the description from Naughty Dog:

While part of the story of Left Behind takes place during the main narrative arc of The Last of Us, I think some of the best and most touching moments of any game in recent memory occur during the prequel segments, as we follow Ellie and Riley as they sneak out of boarding school to visit an abandoned mall, getting one final chance to enjoy their friendship before Riley leaves to join the Fireflies.

It is recommended that you complete the main storyline of the game, because there are spoilers in the game that could ruin your experience if you haven’t played the main storyline. Anyone out there plan to pick this game up while it’s on sale. I just may since that day is my birthday. I’m just throwing that out there.



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