PlayStation Now Coming to PS3 on May 12th

Back in 2014, Sony announced their own subscription service that was claimed to have the entire library of PlayStation games for people to play on their new PlayStation 4 and eventually on their PlayStation 3 consoles and PlayStation Vita. As we reach the middle of 2015, we only have about 120 games and available only on PS4 consoles. However, it is about to change.

Starting on May 12th, Sony is making the subscription service available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Now senior director Jack Buser announced on the PlayStation Blog. It has been in beta back in September and the same rules apply to the PS3 version as it does to the PS4 version. You will be able to pay a monthly or quarterly fee.

Buser, also, announced five new PS3 titles that will be added to the service in May: Fat PrincessF1 2014Sanctum 2Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforceand Farming Simulator.

That leaves the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, 2015 Sony Blu-ray players, some 2014 Sony TVs with the service in an open beta.

You can sign up for the service with a free 7-day free trail and can go with the $19.99 monthly fee or $44.99 for three months. How many of you out there are coming to the PlayStation Now since it will be coming to the PS3?




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