Comcast Wants You To Like Them… Now



There are many things that went wrong with the Comcast-Time Warner merger. Some may say it was the way Comcast handled their prior promise to the government when it acquired NBCUniversal, their lousy customer service or their restrictions on the technical side. There are many reasons but it seems that Comcast wants to try and reshape their negative image.

They announced on Tuesday that they will be creating 5,500 customer service positions as part of a “multi-year customer experience transformation.” Their goal is to make you like Comcast and enjoy being a part of their consumer base. Well, they can probably shoot for you tolerating them and causing less problems between them and the FCC.

Since they could not force more people to sign up with Comcast, they are going to take the traditional approach to try and improve their service. They claim that they are “setting a goal to always be on time for customer appointments by Q3 of 2015.” They will invest in training for technicians that do not follow this promise and will credit customers $20 each time the technician misses their schedule appointment.

Comcast will be attempting to bring some changes to the customer service side, as well. Hopefully they will be able to stop the name changes like Asshole Customer and such. They are working on a new service tool that will make service calls less traumatic, as well as “simplify billing and create better policies to provide greater consistency and transparency to customers.”

As we have seen with Comcast in previous outings, they are not too keen on keeping their promises to the government (like with the Hulu debacle) so why should we believe their pledge to the customer? We cannot think of a good one, but we shall see how long this lasts. Until Comcast stops restricting their customers use of the HBO Go app on the PlayStation, changing customer names and simply being a complete prick, there is little hope that they will make an effective change.




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