P.T. Can’t be Re-Downloaded on the Playstation Store Anymore

Might be time to move...

Might be time to move…

If you haven’t heard the upcoming horror game Silent Hills from non-other than Hideo Kojima has been cancelled. The “playable teaser” titled P.T. showed a lot of promise and tons of people were enjoying the living hell out of it. Sadly with the game cancelled that’s all we had left, until they took that too.

The demo was taken off the Playstation network as of April 29th after publisher Konami said its “distribution period” had ended four days before. For a short time you could have re-downloaded P.T. if you had already done so in the past however even that has been removed. If you still have the game installed, you’re in luck.

For whatever reason the game is still present on the marketplace however it’s just a tease. It won’t let you actually reinstall it. It would seem those that are lucky enough to still have it on their console could come into some cash if they want. A recent eBay big for a Playstation with a working copy of P.T. was going for roughly $1,500.

Once Kojima’s exit from Konami was confirmed the future for this game was bleak. This Silent Hill was to be a collaboration between Guillermo Del Toro and Kojima and it would have been as epic as that sounds.


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