Possibly Legit Photo May Explain all the Joker Tattoos


Ok, so I know I said I was over the crazy amount of pictures they were releasing teasing Jered Leto’s Joker. While I stand by that statement I also have to admit that I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I can’t get enough pictures of the new Harley Quinn. We can argue about her outfit all day but that doesn’t stop that fact that Robbie Margot has dialed up the cute factor to 11.

While this image (above) might give a reason to why all those tattoos were litters on the Joker’s body, it may also be as fake as a three dollar bill. This isn’t an officially released image (neither are most of them admittedly) but it does sure look legit. The covering of the face, while makes sense for what she’s doing, leads a lot to believe it isn’t actually Margot doing the doodling.

Either way is kind of cool picture. We’ll have to wait and see on the legitimacy of the image for now, but it’s not like it isn’t something these two wouldn’t do.


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