Guild Wars 2 Cheater gets What He Deserves

Real gamers know that you don’t cheat in multiplayer games. It only ruins the fun for everyone and proves that you’re a buster. Yeah, I said it, a BUSTER. That doesn’t stop it from happening however and sometimes the maintainers of a game need to step in and take care of business.

A Guild Wars 2 player who goes by the name DarkSide was recently reported by several players for teleporting around the game and having an ungodly amount of hit points. Gangs were formed to stop this masked villain only to fail and die themselves. For those that were lucky enough to kill DarkSide, they were only greeted by him again a few seconds later. You know, because it’s a video game.

Needless to say the citizens of Guild Wars 2 needed a hero (cue music) and that hero came in the form of official game moderators. Seeing a golden opportunity to make an example of DarkSide after seeing video proof of his antics, ArenaNet decided banning the character wasn’t enough.

In the video above with see Chris Cleary, game security lead for ArenaNet, take control of DarkSide’s avatar, strip him of all his clothing and take a dive off a ledge. Not without a nice wave of course, for the fans.

After the public shamming DarkSide’s characters were permanently deleted and accounts banned for good. Justice!


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