Trailers: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl

We have been hearing about two new DC properties that are coming next season on the CW and CBS, respectively. Finally, we get the first glimpse at their trailers, which were revealed at both networks upfronts that were held this past week. Obviously, the CW kicked off their upfront with the reveal of the most talk about series since the announcement of The Flash.

You have to admit that the series (at least the pilot) looks pretty damn cool. Obviously pulling from The Flash’ most recent storyline, it seems that their fan-favorite guest stars will be helping out the future. What is bizarre about the whole trailer is that none of us got any glimpses of the pilot actually being filmed. No leaked set photos or another and I love the fact that Caity Lotz is back. This is be fun to see when it debuts in 2016 during the mid-season.

Supergirl from CBS is a vastly different story. Obviously it is buried deep in the Supergirl and Superman lore but the presentation of it seems more like a set-up for a romantic-comedy than that of a comic book movie. However, since it is CBS’ first foray into this type of genre, it seems that they may have wanted to play down the superhero aspect.

Even though the series is created by the same team that has put together Arrow and The Flash with some success, this may be a different beast entirely. There has been talk about linking this series to both CW shows (given that CBS is part owner in that network), the feel seems too different for Arrow and may play better with The Flash. I am willing to give it a pass on the pilot but it’s the first few episodes after that will really tell. Look what happened to Batman PD, I mean, Gotham.



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