Pirates Will Have To Pay For Windows 10



In the past Microsoft has never made themselves known to be transparent, the whole free upgrade to Windows 10 is no different. The sticking point was the declaration, back in March, that the free Windows 10 upgrade would be extended to pirates of Windows’ operating system. Yet, there has been no clarification as to how it would work. Now, we officially know – it’s won’t.

On Friday, Microsoft finally made a firm plan that the free upgrades will not extend to pirates of Windows. The rule is (until they decide to change it) that if you are currently pirating a copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you will need to pay.

Microsoft says that it’s planning to run some “very attractive Windows 10 upgrade offers” that will allow people with pirated copies to move to an official version. Of course, if you want specifics about the offers, you will have to wait. Probably until the announcement as to when the new operating system will actually be released.

There are many pitfalls to running pirated version of your operating system like unable to be protected from security issues as well as patches for compliance with programs that are not compatible with the newly released OS. Although, if you are currently running a pirated version of the OS, then you would have to have a special deal as close to free as possible. Needless to say, if you are running a pirated copy of Windows, security is not the foremost on your mind.




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