Marvel Comics Manages To Dominate Sales In April

Star Wars #4

As we predicted last month, the sales between DC Comics and Marvel for April would be a bit closer as we got into DC’s Convergence event. However, it seems as big of a deal as the event is, it was not strong enough to beat Marvel and Star Wars for the entire month. As there was no real momentum building for Marvel, it seems that the original trilogy comic series was enough to keep Batman from taking the top spot.

Marvel was the top publisher, according to Diamond Distributions, with a 34.15% dollar share and a 36.33% unit share. Star Wars #4 was the highest selling comic of the month. It was one of four Marvel titles that broke the top ten. While none of the main Marvel Comics line made it, DC took five spots with their first four issues of Convergence, as well as the zero issue.

The remaining titles: Darth Vader #4, Kanan: The Last Padawan #1 and Princess Leia #3 were the only other Marvel titles that took the remaining top ten spots. The only non-Convergence title to make the cut was Batman #40. This was never a doubt but it was surprising that it did not rank higher than fourth.

We have spoken a few times about the only interesting thing about the Convergence event is the Convergence title, which makes it surprising that each new issue ranks lower than the previous one. However, in May, we should see a bounce in Marvel’s direction with their Secret Wars event. We shall see soon enough.



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