More Suicide Squad Set Images Where Harley Catches a Slap to the Face


Suicide Squad is one of those movies that by the time it releases we’ll have already seen the movie by the amount of set photos and video clips we’ve seen. It’s completely obvious they aren’t even trying to keep details about the film secret at this point and now some new photos have come out showing off the Joker in the actual film.

It would seem Leto’s Joker is far more human-like then other versions we’ve seen before. The purple sports car, the tattoos (which are staying) and the outfit all calls out to a more cartoonish version of the Joker. However, this isn’t a cartoon and what exactly the Joker will be acting like in the film is still up in the air and all the pictures in the world aren’t going to paint an accurate picture.

One thing that seems to always be the same however is how the Joker treats Harley. In one photo (below) Harley catches a pretty serious slap across the face. At this point however she hasn’t gotten into her “uniform” quite yet so we can only guess what is actually going on.

Either way enjoy the photos, or hate them, which ever you prefer.


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