Spider-Gwen Appears In Secret Wars 2099 #2



Variant covers of many comics are fun to collect. Marvel is the king of creating variant covers, especially for major comic events. Comicbook.com was given an exclusive of the second issue variant of Secret Wars 2099 #2 cover that will feature everyone’s new webslinger, Spider-Gwen.

As you see with the cover below, it seems to be Spider-Gwen meets Mad Max. We have the Green Goblin semi from Maximum Overdrive coming up behind Spider-Gwen. The cover was written by the characters author, Jason Latour.

The character has not made an appearance in the future title, but we can assume that she will at some point.


Secret Wars 2099 #2
Written by Peter David
Art by Will Slinky
Cover by Dave Rapoza
Secret Wars continues as The Avengers of the Year 2099 come face to face with a tremendous beast who’s no stranger to the team! Who could it be? We’ll give you a hint – you won’t like him when he’s angry.

Secret Wars #2 hits comic shops on June 10.




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