Heath Ledger Was Originally Supposed to Play as Max in Mad Max: Fury Road


Mad Max: Fury Road is doing very well in theaters right now and both viewers and critics alike are loving it. What some may not know is director George Miller wanted this move to come to the big screen years ago but it just didn’t work out until now. Miller now has admitted if the film came out when he wanted it to the late Heath Ledger would have played Max (the lead) instead of the current Tom Hardy.

“Every time Heath [Ledger] would come through Sydney, he’d call in and we’d chat about Max,” Miller told The Daily Beast. “He had that same thing that Mel and Tom Hardy have—that maleness, charisma, and restless energy, which you need to play a relatively still character.”

Of course we all know that the untimely death of Ledger in 2008 put a stop to Miller’s ideas as him playing the lead. “The world lost someone great when he went,” he added. “Tom [Hardy] was the next to walk through the door that had that vibe.”

Not taking away from Tom Hardy (an actor I love in a variety of different roles) but it would have been really cool to see Ledger in Mad Max. I think he would have brought a lot to the roll and would ultimately help make a great film. For fans of Ledgers work (like myself) this may be a bit of a depressing story to read however the take away is his talent is still being talked about years later. That’s something his family and friends can be proud of.


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