LEGO Dimensions Trailers Get me All Giddy

I literally just heard about LEGO Dimensions on a recent recording of one of our podcasts here on The Lazy Geeks. Then I’m scanning YouTube and I see two trailers that have changed may prove the LEGO franchise is about to change the way we look at their games. LEGO Dimensions not only blends the different LEGO universes together comic book style, but brings some newcomers to the LEGO video game family.

The trailer above is the extended announcement trailer that explains a bit more of what exactly is going on. Joel McHale gets an interesting looking package filled with LEGO pieces and strange stuff starts to happen. It’s a great commercial and shows off how nutty this whole thing is going to be.

Then we have the trailer below. Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doctor Emmett Brown as he receives the same package. This sorter yet still awesome clip puts his character in to the game and shows what looks like Doc Brown playing a more key role in the game. This would make sense based on the science fiction based problems the LEGO universes are dealing with.

This game looks awesome and based on these trailers has to be one of the most anticipated games on my list for this year. The release date is currently set for September 27, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.


One thought on “LEGO Dimensions Trailers Get me All Giddy

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