Miles Morales will Survive Secret Wars


Newsarama recent had a live chat with Brian Michael Bendis the writer for Ultimate Spider-Man. Bendis has confirmed that not only will Miles Morales survive after Secret Wars but will co-exist with the original 616 Spider-Man.

We already knew that Morales would carry over after Secret Wars when he was featured in the preview for the All-New, All-Different Avengers comic however his role wasn’t exactly clear. Now that it’s been confirmed that Peter Parker will carry over as well (which honestly should have been a given) the theories on how they will interact with each other are up in the air. Anything from a costume change to a renaming of one of the heroes could happen although no one knows for sure (except for Bendis that is.)

I think this is a really smart movie on Marvels part. Miles Morales has become a fan favorite and not only represents a more diverse character but also brings us a Spider-Man story from the eyes of a teenager again. This is a great way to please the fans that want to go back to basics with Spider-Man and those that like the more mature 616 version. I’m sure we can expect some very interesting Spider-Man books after Secret Wars.


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