Rumor: Matthew McConaughey Being Pursued By Marvel



Earlier in the week, actor Matthew McConaughey mentioned in an interview that he has recently read some movie scripts from both DC and Marvel. Once that information hit the interwebs, it seems that suddenly people are speculating or claiming that a source knows that the actor is being eyed for a certain role. Perhaps in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot?

That Hashtag Show is reporting that Marvel is looking for him to take on the role of Norman Osborn in the upcoming Marvel reboot. The site is claiming that the source is reliable given that this is the same source that named the updated Avengers line-up and Quicksilver’s fate in the Age of Ultron film.

Before people get their panties in a bunch, you need to look at the fact that is this Marvel, not Sony. It has been long established that the new movie will not be an origin story and since Norman Osborn has been the villain in the last two sets of Spider-Man movies, it is pretty clear that they will not make him the main villain in the third.

However, since Sony is still developing their sideshows, based on the wall-crawler, he could pop up in the upcoming Sinister Six or other spin-off movies. Although, I would have to say take this one with a grain of salt, or bypass it entirely. Given the roles he has been taking, I do not see him joining either camp in a role for quite some time.



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