Mad Max: Fury Road Director Insisted there be a Black and White version for the Blu-Ray


Black and white films have a certain level of drama that color can’t accomplish. There really isn’t a great explanation for it either, it just adds to the effect of the movie. Maybe it calls back to those old noir films or maybe the lack of color forces you to focus more on the characters themselves and not the visuals as much. Whatever the case Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller is a fan and demanded a black and white version of his film be on the Blu-ray.

Miller sat down with /Film recently and stated that he “demanded” the black and white option for the Blu-ray release saying there will also be a feature enabling you to watch the film with nothing but the isolated score.

This is interesting and awesome at the same time. It would seem Miller feels these two options will add something to the film for a select few that choose to watch it that way and I love that. You can never argue with more options.


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