The Lazy Geeks Podcast #191: Google That

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We are back with a new show this Memorial Day holiday. Due to losing his voice this weekend, Heather has been selected to sit in for the ailing Adam and a splendid job she did. Heather and Steven talk about this being the longest week ever and why it is super important to clean your phone from time to time.

Some of the topics discussed this week was the review of The Flash season finale, the original choice for Max Mad, Sega pulls some mobile games, LEGO Dimensions, Marvel takes April, more Spider-Men after Secret Wars, Google messes up and the most senseless mouse pad ever.

Check it out and leave comments wherever you get the show. Those comments will help us build the show. Enjoy!


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Movie/TV News

Review of The Flash finale

Heath Ledger Original Choice for Mad Max


Gaming News

Sega Pulls Over A Dozen Games

LEGO Dimensions


Comic News

Marvel Dominated April Sales

Miles Morales will Survive Secret Wars


Technology News

Google Makes A Boo-Boo

Razer Firefly


SuperGirl Leaked


Other info:

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