Convergence #8 Makes All DC Universes Canonical



Many people have a problem when a film franchise decides to reboot its cinematic universe for some changes to the narrative that went south somewhere in the third film. I’m looking right at you Spider-Man 3. People go completely bananas about it but comic book fans have been dealing with this for years. The Convergence event that DC Comics was going through these past two months has come to an end and the publisher claimed it would have profound impact on the entire DC Universe.

With the release of Convergence #8 this past Wednesday, DC did sort of reset itself. The main DC Universe was reset back in September of 2011 with the whole New 52 universe. They never dealt with the parallel universes that told stories out of canon like the Earth One series, Pre-Infinite Crisis and the like but the new reboot was to wipe all those stories out of the universe. That was until the final Convergence issue.

It seems that DC Comics has restored all their various universes. We mean, everything. Pre-Flashpoint, Pre-Infinite Crisis, Silver Age, Zero Hour and all the others. This is great for fans and it may prove to be a boon for writers of the current slate of comics. Co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee stated, back when it was originally announced, that this will give writers the freedom to tell good stories without the restraints of continuity.

Many fans were concerned about their favorite characters that disappeared after Flashpoint. DC would say that many of them were not going to pop up for a while and many of the current stories would feature old stories told in a new way. Many of the original tropes like Lois Lane and Superman were thrown away for Wonder Woman and Superman.

We know there are a great deal of changes coming to the line-up starting in June, which begins next week. How will this allow writers to take advantage of the new multiverse? We will have to wait and see. Personally, it would be nice to see one creative storytelling rather than the lackluster comics that have been coming out since the reboot.



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