Microsoft May Be Putting In A Headphone Jack In Their Xbox One Controller



There are ardent fans of Microsoft and Sony. Having been an owner of both consoles, I tend to lean more toward Sony, as they tend to build a console with their fans in mind. Microsoft, on the other hand, likes to make people angry and then turn around with the “just kidding” smile. One of the biggest goofs of their Xbox One release was the omission of a headphone jack for people that want to keep things quite. That could be changing soon.

Polygon is reporting that a product listing on the official Xbox support site (which was later altered) showed a new controller with a built-in headphone jack and was listed to come out “after June 2015.” Oddly enough, that is the time of E3, which occurs in about three weeks.

In the diagram below, you can see the port for the headphone jack, which is labeled as #16. It would appear that the port would set to the left of the expansion port.


Though the site reached out to Microsoft for a comment, their answer was not promising. A Microsoft representative responded saying, “the team is focused on showcasing more games and experiences at E3 but has nothing else to share at the moment.”

Currently, you need to use a Windows-compatible driver for headphones that needed to be tethered to a PC with a USB cable. Sony, on the other hand, has a 3.5mm jack built into their PS4 wireless controllers and contains small mono headphones.

This is not to say that Microsoft will not announced the modified wireless controllers at E3 or later, but it does kind of give you that sinking feeling in the stomach that Sony does like to be one step ahead of everything when they create a console for gamers, as opposed to Microsoft that tried to make it an entertainment center first.




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