See All The Batman: Arkham Knight – PS4 Exclusive Content

With the exception of Mortal Kombat X and The Witcher 3, there has not been a whole lot in the way of games you’re excited for. Starting in June that will begin to change. One of the most hyped about games (for good reason) is Batman: Arkham Knight and if you have a PlayStation 4, you will tend to reap many of the rewards for the upcoming game.

In the trailer above, you get to see many of the timed exclusives for the game if you have a PlayStation 4. Xbox One users are probably groaning but they get the same thing with Call of Duty. In the video, you see that the timed-exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare mission will create a hallucinogenic version of Gotham City.

PS4 owners will get two extra skins for the Caped Crusader: the Justice League 3000 skin and the Adam West-era skin as seen in the 60’s Batman series. You will, also, be able to zoom around Gotham with the old red and black 60’s Batmobile. These three are a PS4 exclusive.

The game will be coming to you on June 23rd, so there is still plenty of time to pre-order the game for those pre-order exclusives. Batman: Arkham Knight will be coming out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. If you don’t know which version to get, I hope this post helped make up your mind for you.




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