DC June Comics to Run Ads on Story Pages


Comic books have always had ads. Back in the day they used to be relevant to comics or products younger people would like video games and cereal. Now however is a different time and DC Comics is trying out a new kind of comic book ad in June.

The new ad for Twix candy features Nick Lachey in various thumb in the pocket poses. If you aren’t keen on who Nick Lachey actually is he was a singer in the turn of the century era boy band 98 Degrees. The ad (and how funny it is) isn’t the real story however as the placement of the ad may be what people get upset about. These ads won’t be featured on their own page like in the past but will take up half of a story page.


As you can see from the images in this article the story of the actual comic is happening on the top half of the page while the completely out of place Twix ad is below it. The Beat reports these ads are planned for the June 3rd publications and aren’t planned to be reoccurring.

These ads will be featured in some of DC’s most high-profile books such as Batman #41 and Justice League of America #1. This may be the reason that such an in your face ad style is being used.

Let’s all hope this isn’t an ad style that stays.


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