Silent Hill Is Not Coming To Xbox One



Some of you may know that there is some issues going on with Konami, as of late. Mostly is has something to do with departing member of Konami, Hideo Kojima. After his name was removed off the website for Konami, many speculated that after his last installment of Metal Gear Solid, he would no longer have any dealings with Konami. After the cancellation of his game Silent Hill, which was being co-directed by Guillermo del Toro, it can be certain that this is actually happening.

On Friday, rumors were flying that the Silent Hill could find some new life at Microsoft. The unconfirmed source to The Know that this was happening. They claimed that Microsoft would pay Konami “billions” to acquire the franchise and make it an Xbox exclusive. When “billions” was mentioned, I knew that deal was false.

It did not take more than one news cycle to prove that was wrong. The rumor said that Microsoft was working fast to get this deal done before E3, which would be another red herring. In the end, it took Xbox boss Phil Spencer, on Twitter, to put the record straight.

As you can see, this game seems dead. If Konami plans to resurrect the game, it will be on their terms and with their people. If there was hope that Kojima would manage to stay, this can pretty much be the final nail in the coffin on their working relationship. This should not be surprising giving that Konami claims that mobile gaming is the future and when was the last biggest hit they had?




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