Free Xbox Games with Gold for June Are Now Ready to Grab


The first of the month for Xbox owners is always a joyous time. Even if you’re not excited about the Games with Gold selections for the month you can’t really argue with free. I mean you could argue it but that would make you “that guy,” and no one wants to be that guy.

Yesterday was the first of the month and the four games that will be available for this month have been announced with the first batch available now. The selection for this month is pretty decent with one of the games, Massive Chalice, having been released on June 1st. The Xbox 360 gets a couple of older titles but they aren’t bad titles which is always good.

Here are the games that are available. Keep in mind that the Xbox 360 titles are time sensitive with the games dates listed.

Xbox One:

  • Massive Chalice
  • Pool Nation FX

Xbox 360:

  • Just Cause 2 (June 1-15)
  • Thief (June 16-30)

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