LEGO World Has Been Announced

One thing that Minecraft has done is create a genre. When a game with an original idea gets big enough other games will copy it but at that point they aren’t copying the original game but the actual idea of it. Minecraft wasn’t the first by far with other games like Diablo, Doom, and World of Warcraft to name a few (WoW didn’t start MMORPG’s of course but created a more modern template that most game that followed reproduced.)

So when I say Warner Bros. has announced LEGO Worlds, a game that is basically Minecraft with LEGO’s, it isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t LEGO copying Mojang but its LEGO making their own thing within this genre. It’s also incredibly awesome looking.

Developed by TT Games, Lego Worlds allows players to step into procedurally-generated worlds made completely out of LEGO bricks. The world is completely customizable by the user and features pre-made structures and other customization tools to manipulate the terrain.

The game is currently available on Steam Early Access for $15 and, of course, is in the early stages of development. There are a few physical sets available currently to unlock in the game and many more promised in future updates. Of course multiplayer and sharing features are planned at launch as well.

Check out the LEGO Worlds trailer above.


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