Google Maps To Offer Real-Time Transit Schedules



I am an avid user of Google Maps. For the last few years, Google Maps has offered public transportation schedules in Los Angeles and has come and gone in other markets. On Tuesday, Google Maps will now display real-time schedules in cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Budapest, Netherlands and the UK, according to The Next Web.

In those cities, you will be able to know if a bus, train for ferry is running late. It will even tell you how to get around roadblocks in case a train is later.

Google has partnered with over 6,000 transit authorities to get a current view of where their vehicles are at any given time. That is something that could be used in Los Angeles as MTA likes to run on time. I mean, their time.

Google Maps has always been a great alternative to Apple Maps, which has been struggling to get many adopters. Once Apple chose to offer their own version and drop Google, many people were quick to download the Google-offered app.

Personally, I have found Moovit to be a great alternative for people needing public transportation schedules. I have tested some people, from various age groups, and found people quickly learning how to navigate that map versus Google, which is not perfect.




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