Fallout 4 Has Finally Been Revealed

Forget the rumors, forget the waiting, and forget the hype. Simply put Fallout 4 has finally been officially announced by Bethesda and fans of the series are going crazy. I am one of those fans and while I try to keep firm with my anti-fanboy mentality, too many things are lining up for me not to squeal with glee.

Lets get the main details out of the way shall we? Fallout 4 was announced through a trailer that followed a countdown on a teaser website. The website itself wasn’t teasing all that long and the trailer was released at 7:00 A.M. PST. Truth be told the trailer is a glorified cinematic and very fitting for a teaser or reveal trailer however it isn’t show much in the way of gameplay. There are a few big takeaways from the trailer that show off the locale and a new mechanic in play.

First and formost the setting is my own hometown of Boston. Of course this is a Boston set in the Fallout 4’s ‘what the 50’s thought the future would look like’ style but it’s Boston either way. Those paying attention may have noticed a few landmarks including a version of Fenway Park that has seen better days. Apart from it being Boston it’s nice to see we’re in a city again as many didn’t like the open and empty spaces of New Vegas much.

Throughout the trailer we are following a dog (in the post-war scenes anyway) up until the dog reaches our protagonist. We learn the main character is from Vault 111 and it looks like this dog is going to be joining our hero in the game. We can’t be sure if the dog will be a true companion or just a cinematic throwaway just yet but it would be a great change of pace to actually have a pet in a Fallout game.

The game has been announced for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC however it’s been confirmed their will be no PS3 or Xbox 360 release. While this may leave some gamers out of luck until they jump on a current console, this is great news for the game itself. Having the luxury of newer hardware allows Bethesda to push this game to the edge without limiting itself based on being compatabile with older consoles.

Fallout 4 has no release date currently however a listing on Bethesda’s online store does list the game as “TBA 2015.” Of course this is subject to change but if Bethesda’s plan is to indeed release this year we can expect a holiday shelf time.


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