Showtime Offers Standalone Service


With cable providers and content providers haggle and make demands on one another, sometimes even cutting off service to their customers, standalone offerings are becoming the rage. Well, if you are CBS, HBO and now Showtime. It seems that they are jumping into the fray and will begins offering their service next month.

As we start June, we already have something to look forward to in July. Showtime announced on Wednesday that cord-cutters can sign up for their entire back catalog, current slate of movies and live streams of its network content for a dismal $10.99 a month.

However, before you charge up your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you have to have an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV first. Yeah, it seems that Showtime is going the HBO Now route and offering it exclusively to Apple users… for now.

Offering their service for $4 less that HBO Now is a enticing offering but considering that Showtime does not have much in the way of attention grabbing shows, it could be a fair trade. Currently, in regards to content, HBO has many of their original content offerings like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and more series on the way, while the only show that gets attention on Showtime is Homeland.

The service will launch on Sunday, July 12th for $10.99 a month. It will be available through the Showtime app and if you want to check it out there is a 30-day free trial. Unfortunately, there are many other channels, like Starz, that offer more compelling content to launch a standalone but I do not think Showtime will make as much of an impact as HBO Now.




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