Star Wars #6 Breaks Canon

After Disney purchased Lucasfilm, it was clear that Disney was taking over and going to shape the new universe much like the Marvel super hero universe. Late last year, Lucasfilm announced that all previous books and expanded universe canon was out the window and a new one would be created. Once the comic book for the series was announced, Marvel confirmed that all comic stories would be officially part of canon.

So far, the comics had done little to expand the canon but gave fans of the films something to read and continue the journey. However, back in Star Wars #4, writer Jason Aaron introduced a mysterious character in a cloak and mask looking for the heroic scoundrel Han Solo. Jump ahead to issue #6 and we get the reveal that changes canon from this moment forward.

solo-3-749ed solo-wife-reveal-7f1cc

So, it seems that Han has a wife, Sana Solo. Or, so it would seem. Obviously she was introduced at the end of the comic so they have a long way to go. As many people are wondering how this will change The Empire Strikes Back, I have a feeling that this story will be wrapped up by the time this story arc ends in the comic.

Star Wars #6 is currently in stores and available online now.



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