Developers putting more Focus on EverQuest Next


The city of Qeynos is one of many starting cities in EverQuest Next

Developer Daybreak Games has been putting a lot of focus on Landmark, the building-game that is leading up to EverQuest next. Former Sony Online Entertainment will now be shifting resources to EverQuest Next which will slow down updates for Landmark.

However, according to this blog post on the Landmark site this change won’t affect the release date of EverQuest Next.

“As the team has wrapped up the various pieces related to the wipe and the bugs associated with it, we have been shifting our focus and resources over to work on the highest priority tasks and systems that will be used in EverQuest Next,” Senior Producer Terry Michaels said. “While we do this, we’re working in areas with high amounts of creative risk. This means that while we know what we want to do, we know it will take an unknown amount of iteration, tweaking and sometimes drastic direction changes to get these in game and working the way they need to.”

Michaels goes on to promise Landmark isn’t a lost cause and more content will be coming out for it. The current release schedule for new content for Landmark however is a bit up in the air at the moment. Daybreak is still counting on player feedback during development of both EverQuest Next and Landmark.

“Landmark and the player community are very important to us and will continue to be essential in the development of EverQuest Next, exactly as we’ve promised from the very beginning.”

Essentially it’s time to get some heavy work done on EverQuest Next. I’ve been impressed with how Daybreak has been handling the development of their next MMORPG and respect that they’re taking their time to create a quality product. The name EverQuest of course holds a lot of regard in MMO circles and fans are excited to see what’s being worked on.


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