Jason Statham Rumor Debunked For Daredevil Season Two



In recent years, it is unclear why people are giving Latino Review as much credibility as they do. For me, it lost as much credibility that it had when they claimed that Christian Bale’s Batman would be the caped crusader that we would see in the Justice League movie they claimed was happening when they announce Batman v Superman. Yet, people went bananas when they said Jason Statham would be the new Bulleye in the upcoming Daredevil season two.

The rumor ran wild at the end of last week and into the weekend, but it seems that CRB finally got the first official statement from Marvel Television regarding the news. “No truth at all” is what Marvel is stating.

It made no sense to me why they would cast someone like Statham would play the villain in a television series version of a Marvel product. Not to mention that he does not seem like an ideal fit for the character, not to mention that Marvel works on the cheap side and Statham seems a bit of a high-price actor for the series.

Let us not forget that Bullseye was a rumored villain for season two. When I mean rumored, I mean that is what the internet believes would be the next villain. Let’s not forget that we have more villians in the Daredevil pool than Bullseye. My interest is when Wilson Fisk returns, will we get a “Reborn” version of the series which would play out so well on television?


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