Ben 10 Getting a Reboot on Cartoon Network


Ben 10 was a very popular show when it was aired on Cartoon Network. While it’s not exactly an old show Cartoon Network has decided to reboot it anyway with an all new television series. This new series, based on the kid hero that can morph into different alien beings, will be produced by Cartoon Network Studios and will premiere on Cartoon Network’s international channels in the fall of 2016 and in North America in 2017.

The new series will start off focusing on Ben, his grandfather Max and his cousin Gwen as they enjoy their summer vacation traveling the country. Ben then finds the Omnitrix which allows him to change into a variety of alien beings with different powers.

“We decided it was time to introduce Ben to a new generation of kids,” said Cartoon Network Chief Content Officer Rob Sorcher. “Ben 10 has been an overwhelming success story across all media platforms, and we know kids around the world will be eager to see the reinvention of this beloved character.”

Will kids like this new version? Sure. For that reason we should all be OK with its creation. However it would be nice if more original content would be created than constantly rebooting old things. Can’t really define a generation by the television they watched anymore.


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