Major League Gaming World Finals Details


The Major League Gaming World Finals is almost here and half a million dollars in prize winners is up for grabs. The event will take place at the Ernest N. Morial Center in New Orleans, Louisiana and will feature Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Dota 2. Both titles will have their own world championship brackets with teams clawing for the world title.

This event, which will take place on October 16-18, is a big deal for the MLG as it is the 100th event they’ve put on. So far the MLG has had over 50,000 live event competitors, 45 million online matches played by 10 million registered users, and $13.5 million awarded in price money.

While these events are more important to me than the Super Bowl or World Series I’m a little let down by only featuring two games. It would be nice for an MLG event to have more events going on covering every genre of competitive play. However I’m sure putting something like this together is no small task so I won’t judge.

Follow this link for details on watching this event online or this link if you want to buy tickets to the actual event.


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