Razer May be Buying Ouya


It’s been known that Ouya, the small Android-powered console, is up for sale after a struggle to stay afloat. VentureBeat is reporting from a “reliable source” that PC gaming peripheral company Razer is picking up Ouya for about $10 million.

Ouya currently has a stable of 1,124 Android games and has been developed for by 40,000 different developers. The purchase makes sense with Razer debuting its own Android microconsole at CES 2015.

This purchase sounds like a good thing to me. The idea of the Ouya isn’t a bad one but the company that was running the device wasn’t being very organized about it. Razer is a company that has proven to innovate as well as stay competitive when it comes to off-beat ideas such as this. We’ll have to wait and see if the rumors are true.


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