Tommorowland Flops Hard in the Box Office


The Brad Bird-directed film Tommorrowland has not been doing very well in the box office since its release. The film stands to lose between $120-$140 million according to The Hollywood Reporter which will make it the worst flop for Disney since 2013’s The Lone Ranger which lost a reported $190 million.

Tommorrowland was not a cheap film to make costing $180 million to produce and around $150 million to market. The film has earned about #171 million worldwide since release with $77.3 million come out of North America. Tommorrowland finished in seventh place in last weekend’s domestic box office ranking.

While Tommorrowland isn’t a hit let’s not feel too bad for Disney just yet. With the company owning Marvel which made $1 billion on Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not to mention the upcoming Star Wars films which should pull in their weight in gold as well.


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