Pizza Hut Reveals a Pizza with Hot Dog Bites as Crust


This is one of those moments where America become ‘Merica people. This is one of those things that is kind of cool but also really silly. Pizza Hut has decided that the normal pizza wasn’t interesting enough and has replaced normal crust with bite-sized hot dogs.

Each pizza comes with twenty-eight little hot dogs baked right in the crust. The pizza is also served with French’s mustard for your dipping pleasure.

Pizza Hut is yet another pizza chain that is trying to make different sort of pizzas. Little Caesar’s has its Bacon-wrapped Pizza and the variety of stuffed crusts at different chains is too numerous to mention here.

I’m not judging anyone that likes this sort of thing but being from New England myself I have to say one thing. If you are visiting the United States and want to get a pizza hit up a local family owned pizzeria. We really do have great pizza here I promise.


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