Facebook Looking Into Times You Spend Looking At Posts


There is one constant in this universe: Facebook is always messing with their News Feed. They mess with the variables so much, it’s hard to know when they do not touch it. Many times their changes are not without criticism. Whether it be showing more commercial content rather than your friend’s content or favoring content for paid content than naturally generated. It looks like they are now looking into how much time you spend on browsing posts.

Facebook has done a few studies and found that more and more people like to read stories but do interact with the story or content provider. What I mean is that more and more people would click on a story to read or cute kitten video but will not like, share or comment on it. This is becoming a factor for Facebook to see what you like to look at.

In their blog post, they will be looking into your viewing habits. What you are looking at, regardless of whether you share, like or comment on it. The company themselves say that this has some limitation as well. People could read something for a few seconds because they were curious about something or they had a slow internet connection and closed out of it.

It has developed their new algorithm to take into account how your view times compare to other posts that are seen by you. Although, they say if you run a business page, the distribution of your posts will not be significantly affected. Of course not, because they still want you to pay for advertising on their site.

Facebook says that it should be completed in the coming weeks but you could see it being tested on your News Feed as of now. I still am boggled by what Facebook thinks I want to see. I want to create an algorithm that will filter out the people that constantly promote their drama on the site and show people that actually show some cool stuff.



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