Jurassic World Beats All Opening Weekend Expectations



As Chris Pratt had two of the biggest movies in 2014, The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy, you can now add Jurassic World to his resume of biggest movie of the year. Keep in mind that this was not a holiday weekend or any highly-anticipated movie of the year, but the fourth installment of an aging franchise since the last film was out about 15 years ago.

The film managed to get an A Cinemascore it managed to pull in $204.6 million during its opening weekend, clearing beating The Avengers: Age of Ultron from Man. Not only that, but Jurassic World managed to bring in another $307 million from 55 oversea markets that makes it the fastest film to cross the $500 million mark in its opening weekend.

“This is absolutely a four-quadrant movie and is working on so many levels. The release date was awesome, and everybody stayed off of our date,” said Universal domestic distribution chief Nick Carpou.

“We’re saying if the filmmakers agree, we’d love to have another movie. But right now we are concentrating on this movie,” Carpou continued.

Internationally, according to The Hollywood Reporter, China led overseas with $100.8 million, followed by the U.K. and Ireland ($29.6 million), Mexico ($16.2 million), South Korea ($14.4 million), France ($12.5 million), Australia ($12.1 million), Germany ($11 million) and Russia ($9.4 million).

It is pretty clear that Pratt’s star power is increasing with the third film that had him as a leading man and certified Pratt as an action draw. It will be interesting to see just how many bigger movies Pratt will be cast in. I just hope he sticks with the no to Indiana Jones reboot.


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