Sony’s E3 2015 Highlights

E3 is shaping up to be great, just great. There have been plenty of amazing announcements with enough variety to satisfy any kind of gamer. In this article however I’m going to try and sum up all of what Sony decided to show us this year. We’re going to do this fast and dirty people so let’s get started.

We’ve gotten more details on a lot of games that we already knew were going to happen. The Last Guardian has been a game in limbo for a long while with many thinking it had been scrapped. Sony pleased the crowd here by showing off a gameplay demo of The Last Guardian confirming the Fumito Ueda-directed game is very much alive and set for a 2016 release. Street Fighter V got a new trailer and classic roster members Cammy and Birdie have been confirmed. No Man’s Sky also got the gameplay demo treatment showing off space combat and the planet generation system.

Firewatch looks to be a very interesting game that may pull on your heartstrings a bit giving players a sense of isolation in the Wyoming wilderness. The upcoming Destiny expansion The Taken King got a trailer squashing a lot of rumors associated with the bit of DLC. A new cinematic trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight showing off the first few moments of the game was shown off as well as an extremely epic Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay videos (here and here) that should not be missed.

Of course Uncharted wasn’t left out with the reveal of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

A few new games were announced as well such as Killzone studio Guerrilla Games’ new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn. The gameplay video showed a tribal lead character fending of a robots. Yes, it looks about as cool as it sounds.

Square Enix came to impress with the reveal of a few new titles. The Hitman series will be getting a new title simply titled Hitman. While Hitman will release on other platforms PS4 players will enjoy some exclusive content. World of Final Fantasy was also announced and features many characters from other Final Fantasy games in a cutsie kind of way.

Of course, the biggest announcement for Square Enix, and one of the biggest announcements of E3 was the confirmed Final Fantasy VII HD remake. The game will hit the PS4 first and it’s actually happening this time.

Sony also announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund Shenmue 3. Seriously though, fund it.

On the not so gaming side Sony revealed more details about its streaming TV service PlayStation Vue. Hitting the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas first, the service will allow users to subscribe to individual channels as well as multi-channel packages. PlayStation Plus members, of course, enjoy discounted rates for this service when it arrives.

There was a lot to cover and what was listed here wasn’t all of it. Follow all the links to see videos as well as the actual press event above.


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