Microsoft Says Kinect Is Not Going Anywhere

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Some of you out there may have noticed something during Microsoft’s E3 presentation on Monday morning. I know I could not have been the only one. They never mentioned the Kinect. They talked backwards compatibility and their new elite controller, but there was no mention of the Kinect. It seems we were not the only ones that noticed.

GameSpot noticed it to and Microsoft stayed away from that device until later in the week. On Thursday, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg took that time to talk about the future of the Kinect. On the closing day of the event, Greenberg wanted to let people know that the Kinect is not going anywhere and has a future.

“We are absolutely continuing to support Kinect,” Greenberg told GameSpot this week at E3. He even said that they are working on “innovating with Kinect in a different way.” This could be their way of signaling a shift in how the Kinect will be used in gaming (much like Nintendo’s constant struggle with their GamePad).

“So we’re continuing to support Kinect where it makes sense,” Greenberg added. Greenberg did cop to the fact that Microsoft had originally envisioned every Xbox One to come with a Kinect. However, after the public outcry, they had changed their mind.

“We really want Kinect to be a choice for customers. For me, I love it; I turn my Xbox One with Kinect; I use it for entertainment; I use it to do screenshots and all that,” he said. “I like to be able to have my hands on the controller and use voice commands. But, frankly, a lot of people also want a better value and don’t want to have to pay for it. So we’re not going to force people to do that. We give people the choice.”

The Kinect bundle was one of many missteps that Microsoft had made when they announced the Xbox One. However, within the past year, Microsoft has stepped up their game and made a console that is worthy of owning. For the last year, it seemed that Microsoft was playing catch up but after E3 it seems that they are moving forward and not looking back.




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