Ubisoft Cancels The Division’s Companion App


Remember during E3 last week, Ubisoft was showing off all their Tom Clancy games? Tom Clancy’s The Division was one of the game featured during the event. They even touted their companion app, which seems to be a staple with Ubisoft, for the game that was referred to as being “really meaningful.” Well, it was not that meaningful since they cancelled it.

Massive Entertainment confirmed the news with IGN stating that the app was scrapped as it “created an imbalance” that negatively affected gameplay. It seems that instead of pushing out something that was not completed properly, Ubisoft decided to scrap it. Something they should have considered when they released their much-panned Assassin’s Creed Unity last year.

The app for the game was going to allow players to experience simultaneous and asymmetric gameplay between any mobile device and console/PC. It was designed to allow players to “seamlessly” join a game as a drone and allow tactical support to teammates from a bird’s eye perspective.

It is pretty obvious that Ubisoft might have learned from the rushed Assassin’s Creed Unity experience to feel that it would be better to cancel something that does not work rather than release it to a highly critical gaming public. Because there is nothing worse than a critical gamer. Well, maybe a hipster.



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