Windows 10 Testers Can Get Free Windows 10 But Not Without Strings



Over the weekend, Microsoft seemed to confuse people about who will get their free version of Windows 10. It seems that with the announcement of free Windows 10 for all, Microsoft has been doing what they have always known to do – start changing things. The eventual release of Windows 10 could be the make-or-break for Microsoft. The confusion surrounded the people that are testing the Windows 10 operating system.

It would seem that they would be a show-in to get a genuine copy of the operating system, not so. On Monday, Microsoft altered their post about who will get a genuine copy. Ultimately, it will come down to what you want to do. Your decision will determine whether you get it for free or not. Here is how it’s broken down:

If you would like to remain in the Windows Insider program, you will receive a steady series of activated, genuine operating system releases. You will receive access to Microsoft beta content and will continue to gain feedback. These updates will be timebombed and after several months expire. However, new versions will be provided before those timers hit.

The second option, if you choose to opt-out, you will need to have a valid Windows 7, 8 or 10 license. Without it, the operating system will expire. However, there are still some questions as to whether they will provide a genuine copy for someone that did a clean install on their system.

I think this is a misstep for Microsoft in regards to the Windows Insider program. It should have been explained clearly to potential testers that if you choose to continue, you will receive a free copy. If you choose to opt-out then you need a valid copy. It is not a colossal blunder on their part but their series of clarifications only shows that this roll-out wasn’t as clearly thought out as we were led to believe.



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