PSN Will Be Down For Maintenance On Monday



As many people have been experiencing issues with Sony’s PlayStation Network over the last week, it seems that Sony is reminding everyone that there will be a routine maintenance and improvement for PlayStation Network for approximately 1.5 hours tonight starting at 9:30 pm PDT on June 29, 2015. That means 4:30 am GMT on June 30th and 12:30 am EDT for those of you on the east coast.

The usual rules apply to anyone that is already signed into their PlayStation Network account can still sign into their profiles, play games and use many of their applications during the time of the maintenance.

You will not have access to Account Management, PlayStation Video or complete a purchase during that time. That means you will need to either complete the purchase before the maintenance or simply wait until Tuesday to get that download.

There have been reports that PSN was having some issues during the last week with some PS4 and PS3 users. Some were unable to access the Batman: Arkham Knight leaderboard since Tuesday while others were able to boot up Destiny. Some were able to download Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition while others could not get that new Battfield Hardline DLC.

Personally, I would not know what was going on, as I was unable to play with my PlayStation 4 during the entire week, except for the few hours I played Arkham Knight on Tuesday. Hopefully everything will be back up and running when I pop on later this week. Got to love long weekends.



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