Ted 2 Having a Tough Time in the Box Office


Ted 2, the follow up to the raunchy comedy Ted, hasn’t been fairing very well in the box office only pulling in $32.9 million and ending in the 3rd spot.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that an R rated sequel to an R rated comedy didn’t do well when you consider what it was up against. Jurassic World is still going strong and took the No. 1 spot again this week bringing in $54.2 million. Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out pulled in $52.1 million barely missing the chance to dethrone Jurassic World; it also too the number two spot.

The original Ted pulled in $54 million on its debut weekend and an impressive $549.4 million in global revenue. Ted 2 was expected to be this summer’s big comedy however that isn’t quite panning out. Universal claims “sequel-itis” is a major reason for this. Basically people are tired of sequels.

Keep in mind this doesn’t mean Ted 2 is necessarily a bad film, it just didn’t fit with what it was released with. A big blockbuster that is doing far better than most expected and a Disney animated film. Someone should have picked a better weekend.


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