Beats 1 Was Down For 30 Minutes



With the biggest Apple news on Tuesday was the launch of Apple Music. Their DJ run streaming music service was running smoothly for most of the day. However, after eight hours of streaming, something went a bit wrong. Shortly after Jaden Smith called in to request the Buffy The Vampire Slayer theme song, it all went silent.

Shortly after 8:30 pm ET, Beats 1 went silent. People had trouble accessing the service, people experienced the same issue trying to access Beats 1 via iTunes. For the next thirty minutes, people were experiencing this message:

Everything seemed okay with the world again when shortly after 9 pm ET, the service was restored and people could return to their normal lives. No explanation was given for the outage and there will not likely be any. Apple’s position will be if they acknowledge the problem then it would take away from the nearly flawless launch.

Some have speculated that Amazon EC2 east web server was the issue but The Verge claims that it showed no issue during the outage. It was most likely a goof that happened on Apple’s end. Although some people would like to believe Apple is flawless so it had to be something external.


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