PS4 Leaderboards For Arkham Knight Restored



It seems that every game release, even huge releases, are having major issues. While the console version of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight has been relatively cool on consoles, the PC version is still a complete mess. Not to say that the PlayStation 4 version is not running with its issue. While the game is running, those leaderboards though.

Sefton Hill, the game’s director, claims the campaign leaderboards are working again. They have been down since the game’s release and was repaired in a patch that was released on Monday he said via Twitter.

For those of you that played the game during the weekend, like myself, you noticed that the error message on the PS4 said that leaderboards were not being accessed. It took until Sunday for Rocksteady to even acknowledge there was a problem. They could have been focused on the PC issues but they fixed it on Monday.

As for the PC version, it is not looking good yet. Rocksteady has taken charge of the repairs and released a bunch of patches for people that had already downloaded the game. However, the game is still not up for download. Rocksteady is going to repair the game for people that already have it and it may take them a bit longer before it goes back on sale.


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